Company History: International company "GoodLine" has been on the market since 2004. Georgian representation of "GoodLine" was formed in 2009. Est...
Price of Calls

Travel SIM card "GOODLINE" - a SIM card that is inserted into your mobile phone when traveling abroad.

Cost of calls:

(for details, see the section"Сost of calls")

Incoming calls - 118 countries Free
Incoming calls  From 0,1 USD/min
Outgoing calls From 0,29 USD/min
Fee for connection no


Service area 193 countries of the world
License fee No
Validity Unlimited

The balance on the balance of the SIM card is temporarily blocked, if within 12 months of the balance of the SIM card is not replenished. In this case the SIM card itself remains active. Return of the blocked balance automatically for any prepaid or regular travel overseas and use the SIM card. If within 2 years the number is not replenished, or was not committed calls, room canceled.




The cost of travel sim card "GOODLINE" is from 20 GEL to 180 GEL, depending on the starting amount of the balance sheet.

(additionally look:  "Where to buy", "Online Shop")


The International SIM card number

Mobile number: 3725 X XXX XXX 

Incoming sms-messages Free
Outgoing sms-messages From 0,10 USD

(When sending text messages to kotorky number, the cost will be $ 9 Posts)
for details, see the section The cost of calls и sms)



(total volume of data transmitted and received)

100 Kb
value from 0,19 USD/1MB

Activation of starting amounts on the balance sheet:
From your mobile phone:  * 146 * 088777 #

Activation of starting amount can be made both in Russia and abroad. Activation occurs automatically when any of your prepaid SIM card, even if you did not follow the command * 146 * 088 777 #

With mobile phone *146*099#
Online Login to "My Account Subscriber"»
Detailing of communication services:
Online Login "Personal account of subscribe"
Through the office of the company See section "Contacts"
If you run out of money in the balance:
if the amount on the balance of the SIM card at least $ 7 GPRS not available
if the amount on the balance of the SIM card less than $ 1 You can not make a call

Incoming sms-messages and check the balance available for any balance

For more information on using SIM card:
  • Services rates: GPRS / EDGE
  •  SMS-messages
  •  The service "Saving your number of Georgian"
  •  voicemail
  •   Mobile Translator
  •   Direct dialing for PDAs and smartphones
  •   The service is "Auto-completion of a credit card"
  •    Service, "Find me" - the definition of subscriber location GOODLINE
  •    call Forwarding


Services providing access:

Communication services on the SIM card "GOODLINE" provides foreign telecom operator «Top Connect» (Peterburi tee 47, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia) outside of Georgia, under license to provide mobile № TL03-1568 and  
public contract (offer).