Price of Calls

Company History:

International company "GoodLine" has been on the market since 2004. Georgian representation of "GoodLine" was formed in 2009. Establishing of international "GoodLine" SIM Cards in Georgia is a result of our long and hard work. It enables you to decrease the expenses of roaming more than 15 times. Company established a new Georgian term in telecommunication "Travel SIM Card", which was spread very quickly and became the name of objective segment of telecommunication on market.

Our Targets:

Proposing low conversation tariffs and roaming, which give companies an opportunity to decrease their roaming expenses. "GoodLine" constantly lowers the costs for conversations and proposes new, interesting services to their partners, that will be continuing in the nearest future.



Company "GoodLine" is a leader in selling Travel SIM Cards on western territories. Controls 70% of Travel SIM Card market. Currently, "GoodLine" has over 5000 subscribers in Georgia; Mostly tourists, businessmen and corporate clients, with their increasing number day after day.

Providing cost and simple solution to anyone who wants to stay connected anywhere in the world, through new and innovative solutions in telecommunications.

Advantageous roaming - it is our specialty, we are market leaders.

Enjoy and share new experiences with family and friends. Solve business problems and communicate with their counterparts from all over the country, using the best methods of communication.

GOODLINE - the first intelligent roaming.

  • More than 30 000 thousand subscribers by the end of 2015.
  • Increase its market share to 75% of companies that provide alternative ways to optimize the cost of voice and Internet services in roaming.
  • Be in the top four of the companies providing international roaming common voice and Internet access.
  • Our products should be based on the latest innovations and business solutions.
  • Service Customer Service should be one of the best among all operators in roaming.