Company History: International company "GoodLine" has been on the market since 2004. Georgian representation of "GoodLine" was formed in 2009. Est...
Price of Calls

Rates are designed specifically for companies whose employees are often abroad. Using thecorporate rates of "GOODLINE", you can several times to cut costs on your companys mobile communications abroad.

The cost of calls

Incoming calls from 117 countries


Outgoing calls to other countries

from 0,1 USD/min

Outgoing calls from Georgia

from 0,29 USD/min

GPRS / 3G 

from 0,01 USD 10Kb

Connection fee


Service area

192 countrie

More info «Price of Call / GPRS»


Especially for the corporate rate:

  •  Sim cards are free.
  • The opening of a single corporate account of the company from which you will be auto-replenishment balance sim-card companies.
  • The company has access to the management of its corporate personal account and has the ability to view On-Line, via the Internet, monitor the status of the account balance, limit the communication costs of each employee to see the details of calls, write the invoice, statements, acts, etc.


Advance payment system - making money on the account of the corporatecompanies.