Company History: International company "GoodLine" has been on the market since 2004. Georgian representation of "GoodLine" was formed in 2009. Est...
Price of Calls
How do you call by GoodLine-SIM - card from Georgia, and what does it cost?

The call for a Travel SIM card GOODLINE from Georgia is an international call to Estonia (mobile number). Dialing rules from Georgia look in the section "How to call a SIM card from the Georgia"

The cost of international calls for a Travel SIM card GOODLINE from Georgia - from 0.18 $ / min. Look in detail at section "The cost of calls to the SIM card from Georgia "

We recommend calling without making an international call to sim card "GOODLINE." To do this you need to bind its Georgian mobile number to sim card "GOODLINE" and your family can call on your regular number of ordinary Georgian standard rates (from 0.2 to 2.5 $ / min), and all incoming calls will be transferred to your SIM card "GOODLINE." At the same time with your Georgian mobile number for forwarding the money will not be written offDetails about the service >>> 



Is it possible to maintain the Georgian number?

On the trip, you can link your mobile number to the Georgian Travel SIM card "GOODLINE." Now your family can call on your regular Georgian mobile number without making international calls and all calls will be transferred to your travel sim card "GOODLINE" for 0.20 $ / min.

The service is available to all regions of Georgia, ie keep your mobile number as possible residents of Tbilisi and Batumi, and any other regions.

Detail link >>>

Can GoodLine-ups of the SIM - card before activation?

Yes, you can fill up the balance before activating the SIM card.

For a long time did not use the SIM card. Does it?

Insert your SIM card into your mobile phone. Dial the phone * 146 * 099 # and press the "call". If your balance is checked, then the SIM card in the active state (even if the balance is zero) and you can use it.

Details about the health SIM card

Can not make outgoing calls.

1. Check the set. Number must be entered in international format. For example a call to Tbilisi:: +(995) ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ-XX . 
 2. for some phones, if you can not make a call ordinary (standart) way, use аternative way way to make a call. Also, some models adjusted usual to make a call (standart) way.
3. It can get temporary problems with roaming partners (local operator). Then it is necessary to replace it with another. (The menu, settings, choice of the operator manually)
4. If the problem persists, please contact our service technical support

Is it possible to save the Georgian numbers of staff on the trip?

Yes, it is necessary to activate the service, "Save your Georgian mobile number" and all calls will come on a Travel SIM card "GOODLINE." The service is available to all regions of Georgia is keep your mobile number as possible residents of Tbilisi and Batumi and any other areas. details >>>

Activation of the service may:


On what exchange rate charged telecommunications services for the corporate rate?

Communication services for corporate clients paid the foreign exchange rate ruling at the time of payment. 

Why so cheap roaming?

There are several reasons:
1.My cooperate with the European mobile operator, which provides communications services to Travel SIM Card "GOODLINE." Within the EU there are special prices for roaming, which is considerably lower than for operators from other countries (eg Georgia). In other countries, mobile operators in the EU are also provided preferential tariffs for roaming.
2. In the travel sim card "GOODLINE" technology is used making an outgoing call Call Back, in which all calls are incoming. Since the incoming calls are much cheaper than the outgoing, there are also savings.
3. We set the minimum fee for roaming, so ultimately link to the subscriber becomes several times.

As a dealer can replenish balance-sim GOODLINE customers?

 There are several options:

Sale of scratch cards

  • Registration and access to "personal account". Make him money and top up your SIM cards of subscribers over the Internet.
  • For one company may be opened several personal accounts. For example, for each of your retail outlet.
  • Connect to one of payment systems as an agent and accept payment. In this case the contract is to accept payments with the payment system. Virtually every payment system in your area will connect you to receive payments "GOODLINE."
  • The subscriber can replenish their own room, taking advantage of any existing ways to replenish the balance

For details please learn from Your personal account manager

What is a Call Back?

In the travel sim card "GOODLINE" technology is used making an outgoing call Call Back, which allows significantly reduce the cost of calls while roaming. Its essence lies in the fact that when making an outgoing call is interrupted and simultaneously call a special signal transmission provider. And then the operator calls


  • back to the subscriber connection and connects it to where making calls.
  • For the subscriber this is seamless and fast:
  • dial the phone number
  • remote connection
  • 3-5 seconds for the phone call comes
  • subscriber answers the call and there is a connection.


Where to replenish the balance in a small town?

Go to «top-ups» and select your city from the list. If you do not see your city - use other means of replenishment:


How can I refill the SIM card "GOODLINE" abroad?

Abroad you can fill up balance of Travel SIM card GOODLINE:


I bought a sim card. How to check if it works?
  •  Insert the SIM card into your mobile phone. SIM card must register with the local mobile operator.
  • Check your balance: * 146 * 099 # and press the "call". The display will show the amount of your balance.

If all the above steps were successful, then travel sim card "GOODLINE" fully operational.

How to activate the SIM card and start worth?

Travel SIM card is already activated. You activate only the starting amount. This can be done both in Georgia and abroad: * 146 * 088 777 #

Where do I start to activate the sum: in Georgia or abroad?

This can be done in Georgia and abroad.

Do you have a license to provide telecommunications services?

Our company does not need a license to provide telecommunications services, mobile communications t.k.service travel SIM cards "GOODLINE" has a foreign mobile operator Top Connect (Estonia) outside of Georgia on the basis of license № TL03-1568, issued by the Ministry of Communications of Estonia and public contract (offer).

Who provides communication services for travel SIM cards "GOODLINE"?

Communication services provided mobile operator Top Connect (Estonia) outside Georgia under license № TL03-1568, issued by the Ministry of Communications and Estonia  public contract (offer).

What is the validity of the SIM card GOODLINE?

Validity of tourist SIM card "GOODLINE" unlimited. If within 2 years the number is not replenished and was not committed calls, room canceled.

The balance on the balance of the SIM card is temporarily blocked if the 1-year balance of the SIM card is not replenished. In this case the SIM card itself remains active. Return of the blocked balance automatically for any prepaid or regular travel overseas and use the SIM card.

More than a year did not use the SIM card. It remained money, but now the balance is zero. Where did the money?

The balance on the balance of the SIM card is temporarily blocked, if within 12 months of the balance of the SIM card is not replenished. In this case the SIM card itself remains active, ie with a new prepaid - fully ready for use. Return of the blocked balance automatically the next time you travel abroad and use the SIM card. 

Forgot your number. How do I retrieve it?

Type in the mobile phone * 146 * 099 # and press the "call". On your phone number appears in the SIM card and a state of balance.

How do I check the balance of tourist SIM card "GOODLINE" in Georgia and abroad?

 Check the balance of Travel SIM card "GOODLINE" You can in Georgia and abroad (free):


What does it cost to call from GoodLine-GoodLine-on?

Calls within the network "GOODLINE" will cost $ 0.25 / min. 

How much will it cost to call from Turkey to Georgia?

A call from Turkey to Georgia 0.49 $ / min. To find out the cost of calls to other countries, go to the " cost of calls ", select your country of location, "call out", then select the country where you want to call: "call in". The program will determine the exact cost of the call.



When does billing begin?

Cost of the call is charged from the moment the connection is when the other person answered the phone.

Communication services are charged in rubles or dollars?

Communication services are billed in U.S. dollars.

On what exchange rate to top up?

The balance of Travel SIM card GOODLINE replenished by the Inland exchange rate company.

Does the SIM card in Georgia?

Travel SIM card "GOODLINE" does not work in Georgia.

In Georgia, the only available service commands (activation starting amount, the service is "preservation of the Georgia Room" reception of sms-messages and other service functions)

From Georgia can not get through to the Travel SIM card GOODLINE, which is located in Romania.
  1. If you hear a voice mailbox system (usually in English), then it will tell you about the causes of a failed connection attempt. For example, "The subscriber is temporarily unavailable, please try to call back later" - means the subscriber is in a zone of unstable signal reception or his phone is off.
  2. Sometimes you may have problems with roaming partners (local operator). Then the caller travel sim card should replace it with another. (The menu, settings, choice of the operator manually)
  3. Also, problems may arise from the operator, through which an call from Georgia. To do this, refer to this operator (Georgia) with the claim that it is impossible to call a mobile number in Estonia.
Can not call in Saudi Arabia

In some areas of Saudi Arabia due to non-standard equipment roaming partners (local mobile operators) can not make outgoing calls. Necessary once set up the phone:
1. Log in to phone menu - section GoodLine - click Settings.
2. After the warning click OK, then 802, then OK.

Then you can make outgoing calls. Thus for every outgoing call will be charged a fee of 0.4 $.

Does the SIM card in the format GOODLINE 3G (for example, in Japan and South Korea)?

In Japan and South Korea travel sim card "GOODLINE" works. This requires that the phone supported format 3G.

Can I receive an incoming call when the balance reaches zero?

yes, in those countries where incoming calls are free, you will be able to take the call when the balance reaches zero

Does the redirection of tourist SIM card GOODLINE?

Yes, forward to the travel sim card "GOODLINE" works. You will be able to transfer all calls coming to your SIM card GOODLINE, on any phone: urban, mobile, long distance or international number. detailed...

Can I send free SMS messages to travel sim card "GOODLINE"?

Yes. Send free sms-message can be our site.

Do I need to set up a mobile phone SIM card GOODLINE?

For most phones, no need to configure your mobile phone. But for some models need to configure the phone to calls were made in a standard way. for details, see here.

How to make calls from your PDA or smartphone?

A call from a PDA also performed as a regular phone, using the technology of Call Back:
- Dial the phone number
- Loss of communication
- 3-5 seconds per phone call comes
- The subscriber picks up the phone and there is a connection.
But the owner of a PDA or smartphone can install a special program that will allow him to make a call without dropping the connection, ie after dialing the connection with the called party. see details here

Is compatible sim card with Iphone?

Travel SIM card "GOODLINE" is fully compatible with i-phone.

Does the SIM card in receive mode, data transfer to computers via GPRS?

Yes, the travel sim card "GOODLINE" can work as a modem. Description and settings here.

As a subscriber shall be informed of acceptance of money for the balance?

At enrollment money to balance Travel SIM card "GOODLINE" comes sms-notification of the admission money.

Why is a "Personal Area subscriber"?
  1. To check the balance of your numbers through the Internet
  2. To view call details, sms and GPRS-services
  3. For the history of payments that were made to balance tourist SIM card "GOODLINE"
  4. To get all the news on pricing, new services, etc.
How can I see your payment history on my sim card

Through the "My Account subscribers"

Is it possible to get the detail of calls?

Yes. Through the "My Account Subscriber"

I can not enter into "private office party."

Check the username and password. If you have forgotten your password, use the "Forgot Password". Enter the e-mail, which you specified at registration. On it you will be sent a password.

I've lost the instructions. Where can I get?

Instructions can be downloaded on our website link

Lost sim card. Can I recover it? Will I lose balance?

You can travel free of charge to recover SIM card "GOODLINE" keeping your old phone number and balance. Contact our  informatinal and technical support.


Subscriber lost sim card. Can I recover it?

Yes, for the dealer must have in place a special SIM card (without number). To restore the SIM card you need to tell our customer support phone number lost sim card and serial number spets.sim card. Within 24 hours of spets.sim card will be assigned a lost SIM card and the previous balance on the balance sheet.

How to connect the sim card GOODLINE to Aeroflot-Bonus?
  1. СFirst you need to connect to the Aeroflot Bonus Program or other loyalty program. (The list of partner companies in loyalty programs).
  2. Register your sim card, linking it to one of the chosen loyalty programs.


Can I connect the sim card GOODLINE to two bonus programs (Aeroflot Bonus and Air France)?

No, you can tie your travel sim card "GOODLINE" only to a loyalty program.

How and when will accrue bonus miles in the Aeroflot-Bonus, using the SIM card GOODLINE?

Earning bonus miles is one month after the reporting period. For example, a loyalty program, Aeroflot Bonus miles for the month of June will be awarded in August.

As you can see the dealer's contract?

Contact our managers or register and you immediately send all necessary documents.

If you have a problem with the connection, then where to go: to the manager with whom we work or in your desk?

If you have a problem with a link or you would like advice on work travel sim card "GOODLINE", then you can contact both with your account manager, and information and technical support.

Why is a "dealer room"?

Through the "dealer room", you can:

  1. To replenish balances tourist-sim "GOODLINE"
  2. To top up your SIM cards corporate clients
  3. Check the balance of SIM cards
  4. See detail of calls
  5. View statistics of your completions personal account
  6. as well as other advanced features  
Our company is located in Batumi Is it possible to connect to korp. tarif and how to do it?

Yes, you can become our corporate clients. To do this, just contact our department for work with corporate clients. The interaction of service occurs mainly through «corporate office». So you will not feel the distance that separates the Tbilisi and Batumi All accounting records will be delivered to your company by mail.

As our company can monitor the status of their account balances and SIM cards?

Through the corporate office, you can:

  • Monitor the status of corporate accounts / balance sim-card / Detailing a calls
  • Limit communication costs for each employee
  • Receive acts, statements for services rendered communication
  • Write the necessary bills to pay for services
  • To receive a notification about the achievements of the minimum balance on korp.schete
  • Transfer money from one SIM card to another
  • And many other features.  
Do I have the sale of SIM cards to fill in any paperwork?

No, the sale of tourist-sim "GOODLINE" did not want to fill out any paperwork, as SIM card will only be used outside Georgia.
Also, the dealer does not need to enter into a contract with the subscriber.
Subscriber to purchase a SIM card can read  public contract (offer) and the purchase of tourist SIM card will be a consent to the data public contract.

What if the client sent a problem for working sim card?

According to statistics, the problems of the subscriber to 99.9% of cases are solved his advice and only 0.1% - this is really a failure of communication. If the dealer can not, for any reason, consult a professional subscriber, the subscriber or dealer may complete application to the Help Desk on our website, or call around the clock Information Technology Services  and report the problem.

Will be placed on the site GOODLINE information about our company, how about your dealer?

Of course. We will post information about your company in the section «where to bay» and «full your balance» (if you are to replenish the balance of tourist-sim "GOODLINE"). In carrying out joint actions may placement of your banner on our site (

Is it possible to include the cost of communications in the company's costs for tax records?

Of course, the communication costs of travel sim card "GOODLINE" refer to the company's costs for taxation. All the necessary documents, we provide monthly to your mailing address and e-mail, and can also be downloaded from your own corporate office.

My company is located in Lviv. Can I be your dealer?

You will need to contact our branch in Georgia, Tbilisi:
m. Lybidskaya Ave. 40th anniversary of the October 70, of.217
phone: (+995) 322 10-30-46 or (+995) 322 42-22-34
Schedule: Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 19:00

What does it cost to call from abroad to the Help Desk

All subscribers' GOODLINE "can make free calls from anywhere on the phone around the clock customer support: (+995) 322-42-22-34


The first 3 minutes of conversation with a SIM card "GOODLINE" on the telephone support service are charged at zero rate. Beginning with the fourth minute of the call will be paid. Its value will be equal to the cost of a call to Georgia. The number of calls per day is not restricted.


If you have any questions regarding the travel SIM card "GOODLINE" You can ask them from anywhere in the world without spending money, even with zero balance.