Company History: International company "GoodLine" has been on the market since 2004. Georgian representation of "GoodLine" was formed in 2009. Est...
Price of Calls
Service Mobile Translator

Now the "GOODLINE" - is not only beneficial relationship in roaming and customer care while traveling.
Now, during the trip, each subscriber "GOODLINE" will use the new service, "Private Secretary", dial 372 992 from the SIM card "GOODLINE."
After connecting to the Georgiian-speaking operator, you can solve any problem or to obtain any necessary information for you on a journey.

 Cost of service:

 The service "personal secretary" to the end of 2011 is FREE. You pay only for  outgoing calls (standard cost of a call to Georgia).

 Translator on-line:

 Relationship with a Georgian translator, who will be  able to view on-line (including the possibility of the    conference call) to translate and to support any        conversation on the 70 languages ​​of the world.


Legal Aid:

  • need a lawyer
  • having trouble with the law
  • there is a dialogue with the police
  • violated your rights,
  • The operator will hold a general legal advice, make a plan of action, selects a lawyer.
  • Medical aid:
  • From anywhere in the world, you can get:
  • on-line medical consultation
  • call an ambulance
  • organize in-patient treatment


  • Solving problems in the journey:
  • problems, conflicts in the population, hotels
  • the schedule delays and aircraft flight
  • transfers, taxi
  • organization of all necessary actions for loss of documents
  • Information Guide:
  • Determine your location, you will be offered information on nearby attractions, restaurants and other places.
  • You will be aware of any, of interest to you, your product or service in the area.
  • Other:
  • Visa,
  • call auto-tow
  • organization of delivery of goods to Georgia
  • communication with insurance companies, etc.


The service "personal secretary" - this is your insurance for any occasion. You will always have a reliable support anywhere in the world.