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Price of Calls
Service Call Me - Service

The service "Call Me" provides subscribers an opportunity to travel SIM cards for free GOODLINE send a message asking to call you back to any subscriber in Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
How much does it cost?
The service is provided free of charge
does not require a

available to all subscribers travel SIM cards GOODLINE.
How do I use?

To use the "Call Me", simply dial the following command: * 146 * 088 * 331 * XXXXXXXXXX #
where XXXXXXXXXX-phone number, which will go free sms-message with a request to call you back.
For example: * 146 * 088 * 331 * 79031234567 #

After that, the number you specified in the request, will receive SMS-message with the text: Caller asks you to call back to number: +3725 XXXXXXX

Service "Call me" you can use no more than 5 times in 24 hours.